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Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Problems?

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Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

  • We endeavor to provide innovative yet practical solutions to geotechnical and foundation engineering problems for new and existing structures. We use routine methods such as standard penetration test borings and NX/NQ rock coring to advanced techniques including in-situ testing, instrumentation, and geophysical surveys.
  • We are completely mobile. We use 4WD vehicles equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS); Laptop computers; cellular phones, nationwide toll-free pagers; and the Internet for email and data transfer. Stegman Engineering serves clients from Florida to New York including architects, engineers, developers, and contractors.
  • In-situ testing such as the Dilatometer or Pressure Meters allows for a direct evaluation of the engineering characteristics, which permits a more rationale foundation design. The field data is analyzed and provides the geotechnical parameters such as soil type, coefficient of earth pressure (at rest), preconsolidation pressure, undrained shear strength (for clays), angle of internal friction (for sands), and one dimensional (constrained) modulus.
  • Using conventional drilling, in-situ testing, and or nondestructive testing, Stegman Engineering can analyze existing foundations for capacity to determine the potential for expanding existing buildings, bridges, towers, etc. In some case, we have determined that certain foundations have reserve capacity of up to 50%, meaning that in some instances, foundation retrofits may not be a necessary part of the client’s cost for expanding an existing structure.

Structural Analysis & Inspection of Existing Towers

  • STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS is recommended/required when additional antenna are added to a tower.
  • Tower analysis can give a Tower Owner the amount of capacity used by a particular tenant.
  • Existing towers can often be efficiently retrofitted to handle additional load.
    • Tower owners should perform periodic inspection and maintenance to assure safety and to extend the towers service life.
    • Major inspections are recommended every 3-years for guyed towers and 5-years for self-supporting towers. (One of the most troublesome aspect of guyed towers is corrosion of metal parts in direct contact with the soil )

In addition to Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering for tower related projects; we have over 30-years experience in a wide variety of projects including interstate roadways and bridges, structures with shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, underpinning, embankments, stability analyses, tie-backs, failure investigations, and of course foundation analysis of existing and proposed towers.


We are currently registered in: New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,  Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, & NCEE.

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